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Hockey Romance Authors’: Stanley Cup Bracket

Click on the links below to check out your favorite Hockey Romance Author's Stanley Cup Bracket or to discover new authors.

2016 Hockey Romance Authors’ Stanley Cup Bracket Links:


Jeff Adams     Toni Aleo     Victoria Barbour     Cate Cameron    Jami Davenport     Victoria Denault     D. K. Dunn     Aven Ellis     Melissa Frost      Avon Gale     Melody Heck Gatto     Catherine Gayle     Charlene Groome     Sophia Henry      Jaymee Jacobs      Kelly Jamieson      Stacy Juba     Lisa B. Kamps     Katie Kenyhercz     Katriena Knights     Jessica Lake     Patient Lee     Stina Lindenblatt     V. L. Locey     Jennifer Loring     Amber Lynn     Dakota Madison      Paige Matthews       Kat Mizera     Lindsay Paige     Charity Parkerson     Gary Pearson     Vera Roberts     Joanne Rock     Susan Scott Shelley     Michele Shriver     Jeanette Skutnik     Mary Smith     Maureen Smith     Anna Sugden     Melanie Ting     Rachelle Vaughn      Samantha Wayland     Mia West     Kate Willoughby

Second Round Eastern Conference Update (Apr 25)
Second Round Western Conference Update (Apr 28)
Current NHL teams that have never won a Stanley Cup (May 1)
Conference Finals Update (May 12) 
Conference Winner Update (May 27)
Authors’ Favorite Teams (June 7)
Conn Smythe Trophy Picks (June 8)
Penguins Win! (June 16)

2015 Hockey Romance Authors’ Stanley Cup Picks Links:

Diane's Picks (Intro)


Hawks Win! (June 16)

Click HERE to check out author Sarina Bowen's interview about college hockey.

*Started at second round

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