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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trial By Charm (The Charmed Trials Series Book 1) by Jolene Buchheit Review

Trial By Charm (The Charmed Trials Series Book 1)Trial By Charm by Jolene Buchheit
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jolene Buchheit’s Trial By Charm is hypnotizing. Swim team captain Vander Thelxinoe has the ability to charm other’s mind. He discovers his talent does not work on fellow swimmer seventeen-year-old Julia Wright. The two rivals develop a friendship and wind up on a quest. This Greek mythological inspired urban fantasy novel is suitable for young adults. It takes place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I enjoyed Jolene Buchheit’s character development. I like Vander. He starts out as a typical stereotypical jock. We soon discover his layers. He has a lot of pressure on him with his upcoming quest and family history. Julia is a great heroine. She is clever and likeable. The thought behind Vander’s dad being deaf was smart.

I enjoyed the plot. I like the mythological aspects of the story. I appreciate that the main mythical characters that are mentioned in this story are not the typical high profile gods. It was a refreshing take. I like how Julia and Vander develop their friendship. I thought it was amusing how she initially did not like him. Her list of possible things that could be wrong with him was humorous. The bet between the male and female swim team captains was pretty entertaining. I thought the concept behind Vander’s painting was original. The story leaves you hanging and anticipating the next book. Trial By Charm is a wonderful start to The Charmed Trials Series. This is a great book for anyone who enjoys contemporary mythological inspired stories.

209 pages
Published April 27th 2016 by Elephantine Publishing
ISBN: 139780996842839
Edition Language: English

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  1. Thanks for reading Trial by Charm. I really like your review!


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