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Friday, April 15, 2016

Awakened (Eternal Guardians #8) by Elisabeth Naughton Review

Awakened (Eternal Guardians, #8)Awakened by Elisabeth Naughton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Elisabeth Naughton’s Awakened has become my favorite book in the Eternal Guardians Series. Damon has belonged to the goddess Aphrodite for twenty-five years. He remembers nothing from his life beforehand. He is loaned to the goddess of war, Athena, to help train the incoming sirens. He finds himself drawn to new recruit, Elysia. He will do anything for her. He discovers that their meeting was not an accident, there are other forces at play. Awakened takes place in Olympus and Argolea. This mythological fantasy is suitable for adult audiences.

Elisabeth Naughton does an amazing job with her character development. I love that characters from the earlier books still play a vital role throughout the story. Damon is a terrific character with lots of layers. I love Elysia. She is brave and determined. I like that she doesn’t let her parents push her around. I like that she doesn’t give up. I think it is great how loyal Talisa and Maximus are to her, especially Maximus. Zeus and Athena make excellent opponents; they are crafty and powerful.

The plot was exceptional, full of action and mystery. I loved this story. Elisabeth Naughton does a great job of protecting the integrity of the mythological characters while creating a new tale. I appreciate how things that happened in previous books played such an important role in this novel. Awakened is a difficult book to put down full of nonstop excitement. Followers of the Eternal Guardians will not want to miss this book. If you haven’t read the Eternal Guardian Series yet, I recommend following them in order. I think you would be able to comprehend it as a standalone, but you wouldn’t get near the same amount of investment to the characters knowing their background stories.

Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Published April 12th 2016
Edition Language: English
SeriesEternal Guardians #8

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  1. I've really enjoyed the first few books in this series. Glad that Naughton has continued with it.


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