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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Story Of Lansing Lotte Tour (Legendary Rockstars #2): Character Interview & Giveaway

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Title: The Story Of Lansing Lotte (Legendary Rockstars #2)

Author: L.B. Dunbar
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2015


I get it. I’ve heard the jokes. My name sounds like some medieval character who was a hero. Hell, my best friend’s named Arturo King. Ring any medieval bells? But this is my story and I’m no hero. I also get the jokes. Lancelot is a play on the words lance and lot, and a lance refers to a sword, which is a euphemism for dick. What does a man do with his dick? He fucks. A lot. So if my name is Lansing Lotte, I must be “fucking lot.” Get it? Fucking a lot? Which I’m not saying I don’t, that’s not the point. Another reference to something sexual. Get my point? Huh, I made a punny. But again this is my story, and I haven’t done anything funny. In fact, I’ve killed three women, and only one of them I loved. Yeah, that’s right? Not laughing now. It’s not funny. And I’m definitely no fucking hero.



“Because I know you love her. It must hurt.” “I…I don’t know that I’m capable of love, Lila. All I seem to do is destroy women, and myself.” She reached a shaky hand for me and pushed my longish bangs back from my forehead. It was surprisingly comforting. “I don’t believe that,” she said. “I think you just have difficulty choosing someone safe.” Her fingers continued through my hair and my muscles relaxed. It was soothing. It was motherly, which should have creeped me out, but didn’t. I don’t know what prompted me, but I laid my head down on her stomach. Her breathing was ragged, and I could hear her heart beat rapidly through the oxford shirt. She was holding her body still, but she continued to gently run her fingers through my hair. She was hesitant at first, almost as if she was petting me, but her fingers slipped into my longer locks and she massaged back and forth over my scalp. I was relaxing into her stomach and my nose nuzzled against her. She was firm under there, and she had that sexy hip thing going on. She sucked in a breath when my nose drew a line back and forth across her belly. My mouth watered to get a taste of those hipbones just below her navel. She was dragging her fingers through my hair more intently, and I slid my face down her belly. She had a sweet fragrance about her, something flowery and something I wasn’t certain of at first. Instantly, I recognized that Lila smelled like sex. My hand came up to remove the blanket from her legs and I heard her sigh. Her hand wrapped into my hair, tugging gently, and I took it as a sign to continue moving down her body. Her legs opened slightly and my nose dragged closer to my destination. “You smell sexy, Lila.” She sighed again and a choked sound followed. My eyes glanced up to discover hers were closed. Her head leaned back and her lips parted. I dragged my nose across her damp panties, inhaling her sweetness. “You want me?” I breathed against her, knowing she was wet and ready for me under the cotton. I couldn’t believe it. Lila gave no hint that she was attracted me. She was well aware that I was continually turned on around her, but she gave me no indication that she could be attracted to me. Unless… “We’re friends, right, Lila?” I said, a bit of curiosity in my voice. She sighed again and I blew a breath onto her. Her arousal was heady, and I was intoxicated by her. “We could be friends. Together. It would be a good distraction.” I kissed her over the cotton and I felt her sit upright. She looked drugged; her eyes glassy and confused. “I can’t,” she said on a choke. “What?” I softly groaned. “I…I can’t do this with you.” “Lila, I didn’t mean…” She was pushing back into the corner of the couch, forcing me to sit upright. She grabbed the blanket off the floor to cover her, but then decided to stand. “Lila, I…” “I can’t compete with ghosts, Lansing.” “Lila, it’s not like…” “I know all about ghosts…and I can’t fight them whether dead…or alive,” Lila added, as she held the blanket before her legs like a shield and quickly turned to leave me stunned on the couch.

About The Author

LBL.B. Dunbar loves to read to the point it might be classified as an addiction. The past few years especially she has relished the many fabulous YA authors, the new genre of New Adult, traditional romances, and historical romances. A romantic at heart, she’s been accused of having an overactive imagination, as if that was a bad thing. Author of the Sensations Collection, Sound Advice, Taste Test, Fragrance Free, Touch Screen, and the upcoming Sight Words, she is also author of the Legendary Rock Star series, beginning with The Legend of Arturo King. She grew up in Michigan, but has lived in Chicago for longer, calling it home with her husband and four children.

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Character Interview  

Please welcome Lansing Lotte from L.B. Dunbar's The Story of Lansing Lotte to Diane’s Book Blog.

Do you have a nickname?

I’ve been told my nickname is The Lady Killer. I guess it’s because I have a way with the ladies, but Tristan Lyons would argue it’s because women who fall for me are loyal to a fault. I slay them he says. I say he’s full of shit. He wouldn’t know as he goes through women like slices of cake, savoring each bite only once.

What is in your refrigerator right now? On your bedroom floor? On your nightstand? In your garbage can?

Uhm…I’m not sure what’s in my fridge. Lila’s kind-of taken over that, but when I was on my own, it would be filled with beer if my best friend, Will Galehaut was over. He likes to keep it well stocked which he really does only for himself as he invades my apartment (laughs). Bedroom floor – I guess you could say, my guitars, but respectfully propped in holders. Nightstand – a notebook. I’ve been jotting down lyrics for a song. Garbage can – uhmmm…do I need to answer truthfully? Okay, four condoms and a bottle of wine.

Who are the people you are closest to?

Definitely the band, The Nights. Arturo King is my oldest friend and best friend. He’s like a brother, he is my brother, the way I see it, as are the other guys, Perkins Vale, our drummer, and Tristan Lyons, bass guitarist. I love these guys. We are a band of brothers, literally.

What is your biggest fear?

I have some ghosts in my skeleton, and my fear, which is real, is that in time all will be revealed. It has to be. I know the truth will set me free, but that truth might also destroy everything.

What is your most treasured possession?

Guitar from my mother – a 1931 Gibson L-I Flattop – she taught me to play on it.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Uhmmm…(swallowing hard)…my greatest love is…music. The guitar was my first love, definitely. Oh, you meant ladies, well, let’s just say who I thought was my greatest love turned out not to be, and who I never expected to love, is the greatest love of my life.

What is your greatest regret?

(Laughing). Where do I start?

Who is your favorite hero of fiction? In real life?

Hands down, Lila Lovelourne. She saved me. She’s a hero for all that she’s been through which isn’t my right to tell. I admire her, well more than admire her. She’s acted selflessly for herself and Fleur.

What is your motto?

I’ve never really thought about it before, but I guess I’d say: let go of the past. It can haunt you, destroy you, eat your dreams, if you don’t let it go. Reach forward, not back.

Thanks for stopping by.


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