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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chaos and Moonlight (Order of the Nines #1) by A. D. Marrow Review

Chaos and Moonlight (Order of the Nines, #1)Chaos and Moonlight by A.D. Marrow
My rating: 4 ½ of 5 Stars

Taris, elite vampire of the Order of the Nines, is committed to saving his race from extinction. He enlists human, Dr. Sarah Bridgeman, whose medical research may be just what they need. Unfortunately, he is not the only one that wants her knowledge.

Taris is a good leader and vampire. As the oldest vampire, he is looked up too. He cares about his people and feels remorse for those that have died trying to save them.

I love Sarah. I appreciate that she speaks her mind, especially on her television interview. She is smart and determined. I enjoyed the chemistry between Taris and Sarah.

Morrigan and Bane are interesting adversaries. Morrigan is just plain evil and mean. Mean is too nice of a word: demented, malicious, tyrant. Bane, on the other hand, while wicked, at times I actually want to like him. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why he puts up with Morrigan. Their connection to Taris definitely added to the drama.

I enjoyed all the support characters. Their personalities were all so different and interesting. I look forward to learning more about them in future books.

Chaos and Moonlight was fast-paced and thrilling. The plot was well-executed and fascinating. The story had a good flow and was difficult to put down.

This was the first book I read by A. D. Marrow. I am impressed by her writing style and creativity. I will definitely continue reading this series.

Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

ebook, 323 pages
Published May 6th 2015 by Full Fathom Five Digital
original title: Chaos and Moonlight
ISBN: 139781633700536
edition language: English
series: Order of the Nines #1

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