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Saturday, July 26, 2014

MASTERED: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender: Giveaway

MASTERED: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrende

Contributing Authors:  Opal Carew, Portia Da Costa, Madelynne Ellis, Marie Harte, Joey Hill,
T.J. Michaels, Kate Pearce, Carrie Ann Ryan, Sasha White, Emily Ryan-Davis and Jennifer Leeland

ISBN-13: 9781928115014
Publisher: Uncommonly Romantic Books
Publication Date: 7/21/2014
Print Length: 750 pages


Three Secrets by New York Times and USA Today bestseller Opal Carew
Sharing secrets has never been so exhilarating...
Nicole and Abel met in Paris and fell in love, but Nicole believes her secret lifestyle will drive Abel away. After the vacation ends, she decides to take a chance and share her secret, but little does she know he has a secret of his own.

His Secret by International and UK Sunday Times bestseller Portia Da Costa
Quiet storm…
Ben Chambers is the perfect handsome boyfriend. Sarah adores him, yet despite their delicious lovemaking and the fun they share, she senses he has a secret. But then, during a luxury weekend away, one casual pat to her bottom transforms everything, revealing Ben’s thrilling hidden dominance, and a world of decadent pleasure and deeper love.

Remastered by Multi-Award-Winner Madelynne Ellis
A bad experience with a former girlfriend caused Spook Mortensen to repress his sexual urges, but when sound engineer Allegra Hutton is called upon to remaster Black Halo's first album, there's only so much attitude and stubborn refusal to listen to the bands' wishes he can take before he's forced to break his self-imposed vow and take her in hand.

Working Out by USA Today bestseller Marie Harte
When lust turns to love, who’s really on top?
An ex-Marine with a kink for dominance, Mac is Maggie’s boss. But Maggie doesn’t seem to realize he’s in charge…until he shows her that Sir is more than a title. It’s a lifestyle that could suit them both. That’s if Maggie sticks around long enough to wear his collar.

The Scientific Method by bestseller Joey Hill
Mastering her body was easy. Mastering her heart and soul will be an erotic science…
In the vampire-servant relationship, the vampire holds all the power. Being Lord Brian’s research assistant as well as his servant, Debra accepts that, but she craves her Master’s heart. When Brian notices his servant’s unhappiness, he uses methods they both understand to prove just what belonging to him fully means.

Juicy by bestseller T.J. Michaels
Twilight Teahouse ~ Choose something decadent from our menu…
Solie Shaw is a brilliant self-made woman. After managing a corporation by day, at night, all she wants is to not be in charge. The last man she’d gifted her heart to had smashed it to smithereens and then did the mambo on top of the pieces. Now, along comes the chance to get exactly what she needs. All Solie has to do…is choose.

No Limits by USA Today bestseller Kate Pearce
All bets are off when there are no limits…
Dr. Julia Reed deals with life or death situations at a California ER. When British businessman Alex Logan offers her a sexual bargain, she gets to share her darkest fantasies; he gets the power to carry them out. But who is the real winner in this high stakes game, and is Alex even playing fair?

Ink Reunited by USA Today bestseller Carrie Ann Ryan
Only two men can give Sassy the happily ever after she craves.
Rafe, Ian and Sassy loved each other…until it all blew apart. Now both men are back for the woman they love. It will take more than apologies for these three to overcome their history. But once they take that step, the streets of New Orleans will never be the same.

Unfettered: An Overwatch Story by Sasha White
You never forget your first love
Mechanic Ronnie Lang is tired of being "one of the guys". Chasing the fantasy of finding a dominant male to help her explore her sexuality she applies to Overwatch, a private BDSM club where her eyes are opened to a world that’s more than she ever imagined, and the man she’s never forgotten.

Bondage on 34th Street by Emily Ryan-Davis & Jennifer Leeland
In knots over love
After years of searching, Tasha Sears finally finds the Master of her heart …on his knees in front of intimidatingly sexy bondage enthusiast Noah Dreyfuss. As sparks flare between the three, Noah’s ropes will either bind them together or pull them apart. 



His Secret - Portia Da Costa - Excerpt #2

Sarah’s insides fluttered. Not just her sex, but in her heart, her chest. She felt as if she were on a precipice above some great, secret valley. Ready to fling herself forward.

When Ben released her sex, it was as much of a shock as if he’d suddenly begun the spanking already. The lack of his fingers against her was like a gouging void that she’d do anything to fill.

“Lie across the bed,” he said quietly. “ Facedown, with your hands stretched out in front of you… You may look in my direction or away… that’s your choice.”

Almost unable to move properly from excitement, she obeyed him. Her limbs seemed to be made of rubber and uncontrollable, but she managed to assume the pose he’d specified. She was afraid to look at him, so turned her face away, even though in her mind she could still see him perfectly.

“Good. That’s very good. You’re doing well.”

Am I? I don’t think so… I’m all over the place.

She felt the mattress dip and imagined Ben inclining toward her, his weight on one hand while with the other he reached out toward her exposed bottom.

Expecting a spank and braced for it, she gasped when the first touch was light and exploratory.

It won’t be so bad. It’s my first time. I bet he barely does anything at all.

And indeed, the second touch was nothing at all. Just a tap on her left buttock, barely more than the light touch that had started all this, close to an hour ago, yet in another lifetime.

Then… more taps. A little harder. Definitely making an impact, but still fine.

I’m okay. I can take this. It’s all right.

In fact, it was more than all right. Her sex was glowing, becoming soft and pouched and wetter than ever. The slight impact of the little smacks was gently knocking her core where she was pressed against the mattress.


How had that happened? One minute, soft taps, and then, suddenly, with no discernable increase in effort, the taps weren’t taps any more but full-blown spanks. And they were hard. They hurt. They really hurt.

“Oh!” she cried again when Ben’s hand seemed to catch a particularly tender spot on the under-hang of her cheek. Her whole bottom was glowing now, drenched in heat. It was uncomfortable, unsettling, quite painful, and yet the shivering warmth in her flesh was sinking down into her sex and firing it up in a way she’d never yet experienced. Her whole pussy seemed to be fizzing like the champagne had done. Effervescing with a delicious yet forbidden pleasure.

How? Oh, how is this happening? He’s hurting me, yet… yet… Oh God, I want him to hurt me more!

To her astonishment, Sarah realized she was lifting her bottom in syncopation with the slaps, raising the target up to improve Ben’s aim and to invite and seduce more blows. She was simmering on the edge of orgasm, and every time he hit her, he pushed her ever closer to the longed-for implosion of pleasure.

She cried out keenly when he stopped, and she turned her face to implore him with her eyes. To beg him to grant her more pain, more pleasure… Oh, dear Lord, she hardly knew the difference.

Ben’s eyes were beautiful, wise, and kind. Despite the fact that he was denying her what she wanted. But he seemed to understand as he leaned forward to press a kiss to her tearful cheek and whisper in her ear.

“You’re doing beautifully, Sarah, my love… Better than I could ever have wished. But you must wait a little for your prize. The waiting will make it all the more sweeter.”

Even though she was sobbing with need, with frustration, and from the now extreme soreness in the flesh of her bottom, she believed him. She believed him utterly.

He was Ben. He knew all. He was her sweet master.



  1. Thanks for the giveaway. I have read,reviewed and loved it.

  2. This box set sounds great, a few new authors to me too.
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com


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