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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fallen by Laury Falter: Interview

Guardian Trilogy
Book 1
Laury Falter

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Audeamus LLC

Date of Publication: April 1, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9855110-3-6

Number of pages: 274 pages

Book Description:

Fallen - the first book in the Guardian Trilogy...

Maggie is unaware of the terrifying fate that awaits her. It isn’t until she lands in New Orleans for a full year at a private high school and her unknown enemies find her does she realize that her life is in danger.

As a mystifying stranger repeatedly intervenes and blocks the attempts on her life, she begins to learn that there is more to him than his need to protect her and that he may be the key to understanding why her enemies have just now arrived.


“You appear and then vanish like a ghost. You aren’t injured from venomous snake bites. You aren’t killed by wayward, incredibly sharp arrows.” Then, I reiterated, “I am the only one who can see you…how is any of this possible?”
“You do pay attention,” he said, sounding almost regretful, though I didn’t understand why.
“Yes, now will you tell me how you are capable of all that?”
He paused, still looking at me, as he collected his thoughts. The muscles throughout his body visibly flexed, tensing as he prepared his answer. “I have certain…gifts…that not many others can claim…gifts of speed, healing, and regeneration, to name a few.”
He paused, waiting for my reaction.
“Don’t worry so much,” I said, teasingly. “I’m not going to run screaming for the door.”
We quietly laughed together for a brief moment.  When I felt like he was comfortable again, I asked my next question.
“So, where did you get these gifts? Did your parents take some sort of special drug?”
“Not exactly. I can’t answer that, as much as I know you’d like me to. Just suffice, Magdalene, to know that without these gifts, you wouldn’t be here right now.”

About the Author:

Laury Falter is a bestselling author of young adult romantic suspense and urban fantasy. She has three series out: the Guardian Trilogy, the Residue Series, and the Apocalypse Chronicles.

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Please welcome Fallen author Laury Falter to Diane's Book Blog:

How long did it take you to write Fallen? 

Two months. I wrote Fallen back when I had a full-time job and found it was a fantastic escape at the end of a long day to dive into a fictitious world. I wrote steadily, after work and on the weekends, sending blocks of the book to my sister, Babs, who was my chief inspiration to continue the book. If you enjoyed Fallen, you can thank Babs because if it wasn't for her the book would never have been written.

If you were stranded on a desert island which of your characters do you want by your side? 

Eran Talor. Being calculating, compassionate, and able to heal rapidly would make him an ideal partner. Not to mention that his wings, which would allow us to escape. 

If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be? 

Maggie Tanner. I relate to her altruism and would like to think that I would so easily sacrifice myself if my loved ones' lives were at stake. 

What inspired you to write your first book? 

In January 2009, Joyce Durham lost her battle to colon cancer. I am good friends with her daughter, Erika, who was then faced with the very difficult task of learning how to deal with the loss of her mother. Witnessing her struggle and that of the Durham family, I wished there was someone who could visit with those who had passed over to the other side and bring back messages to the living, reassuring them that all was fine with their loved one. And from it, Magdalene Tanner was born. I went on to write Fallen in just short of two months.

Who or what inspired you to be a writer? 

Humbly, I must acknowledge Stephenie Meyer. She brought me back to my love for good stories. Thank you, Stephenie. In addition, I grew up reading Stephen King. My dad would leave me his latest novels on our stair's landing and when I found them I would disappear into my room for hours, reading until it was dinnertime. I suppose I could credit Stephenie Meyer's for my love of romance and Stephen King for my love of fantasy.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? 

I'm currently in the midst of writing the prequels to the Guardian Trilogy, filling in the lifetimes in which Maggie and Eran fell in love despite incredible resistance. So far, it has been a thrilling ride.

What book are you reading now? 

My own, actually. I'm writing the prequels to my Guardian Trilogy and have been re-reading the first three books (Fallen, Eternity, and Reckoning) to ensure the plots, characters, etc fit into the patchwork that is a series. And I absolutely love re-experiencing my characters lives. I was expecting it to be laborious, but it has actually been amazingly entertaining.

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