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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hidden Destiny (Redwood Pack #6) by Carrie Ann Ryan Review

Hidden Destiny (Redwood Pack, #6)Hidden Destiny by Carrie Ann Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Latent wolf, Lexi Anderson, has become a recent member of the Redwood pack after being exiled from the Talon pack for a fault not her own. She was raped by Corbin Reyes, the new alpha of the central pack, leaving her with a son, Parker, and half a mating bond.

North Jamenson is the last of the brothers without a mate. He knows that the newest member of the Redwood pack, Lexi, is his. He also knows that it is prophesied that he is destined to kill Corbin Reyes. Problem is the prophecy didn’t say whether or not he will survive.

This was my favorite book in the series so far. The story keeps getting better.

Lexi and North complement each other well and overcome obstacles. They stick it out together even though they cannot be bonded as long as Corbin is alive.

I love that North accepts Parker as his son despite him being the son of his pack’s enemy. He assures him that everyone will accept him regardless.

I also appreciate that characters from the previous books are prevalent through the book. Carrie Ann Ryan does a fantastic job in the character development, making it easy to distinguish between characters through the dialog.

I enjoyed the side story of Parker trying to set up his uncle Logan with North’s sister Cailin. I Can’t wait to read about the results of Parker’s match making skills in Fighting Fate. I’m sad there is only one more full-length book left. At least, we can look forward to the remaining novellas, and it is good thing I’m a re-reader. I think the books would be even better the second time around.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Published January 11th 2014 by Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
ISBN 1623220416 (ISBN13: 9781623220419)
edition language: English
series: Redwood Pack #6

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