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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

O Christmas Three (Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey) by Suzan Butler eBook Giveaway!

O Christmas Three 

(Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey)

Suzan Butler

From the author of OFF HER GAME and the upcoming HEART AND SNOW...

Garrett and Brianna Zane have the perfect marriage on the surface. They share everything from love to their wildest sexual desires with ease. So when Brianna confesses she wants a threesome with his best friend Leobardo Vasquez, it awakens feelings Garrett has long tried to forget.

But the smoldering attraction between Leo and Brianna is hard to deny and even harder to dismiss when it's all he can think about, especially when the three are trapped together in Leo's cabin during a snowstorm. Seducing Leo will test their relationship, reveal old secrets, and maybe tear them apart. While there may be room for Leo in bed, there may not be room for a third in their marriage.


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