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Monday, July 9, 2018

Pure Ice by Rachelle Vaughn Cover Reveal


Landon Turner is your garden-variety good guy who puts everyone else first and has dedicated his life to caring for his quadriplegic brother and working his butt off at his full-time job. There’s nothing glamorous about his existence, but all that might change when he gets the opportunity of a lifetime...

Makeup artist and beauty guru Hannah Heatley can perfect a smoky eye and rock red lipstick like nobody’s business, but she can’t seem to give her own life the makeover it needs. After growing up in the shadow of her famous parents, Hannah is grateful to be out on her own and determined to make things work in Red Valley, California.

With so many responsibilities, Landon doesn’t have time for anything outside of work and home—until he meets Hannah. Now his charismatic coworker is turning his thoughts upside down and inside out and reminding him how much he’s sacrificed. Landon and Hannah don’t know if happily-ever-after exists, but in a city like Red Valley, anything can happen…

PURE ICE, Book 8 of the Razors Ice series, will be released July 27th and is available for pre-order now!

About the Author:

Rachelle Vaughn fell in love with a hockey player when she first saw Evgeni Nabokov in net for the San Jose Sharks. Brooding, handsome men with boyish good looks have appealed to her ever since. Even though she's been married to the man of her dreams for over twenty years, she still loves writing about hunky hockey players! And even though she might take a break from athletic heroes now and then, she has many more stories planned for the Razors Ice series. She won't rest until all of the men in Red Valley are wearing a wedding ring!

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