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Friday, May 26, 2017

Writing the Wolf by Steffanie Holmes: Interview & Giveaway

Writing the Wolf
Wolves of Crookshollow, Book Two
Steffanie Holmes

Genre: paranormal romance, shifters

Publisher: Bacchanalia House

Date of Publication: May 18, 2017


Word Count: 70k

Cover Artist: Aria at Resplendant Covers

Tagline: Rosa just wants to be left alone to write her book, but when werewolves attempt to kidnap her, she realizes her neighbor Caleb is the only one who can protect her. But Caleb is hiding a secret of his own … fur and sparks fly in this hot paranormal romance from USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes.

Book Description:

Sink your teeth into the hot new werewolf paranormal romance from USA Today bestselling author, Steffanie Holmes!


I need to escape.

After those racist bastards destroyed my home, I can’t face the world again.
I’ve rented a cabin in the heart of the Crookshollow forest. I’m going to lock myself away and work on my book. I’m going to write my story.

And I absolutely, positively WILL NOT think about Caleb, the hunky labourer who’s fixing up my cabin.

No way.

I won’t think about the way his eyes melt my heart, and his smile melts my panties.
I’m too emotionally raw right now. I can’t handle a fling, especially not with a white guy.

Especially not a guy like him. A guy who shags and leaves. I can’t handle any more heartache.


Rosa Parker – clever writer, black woman, total hottie.

The connection between us sizzles – there’s no denying it: this woman is my mate.

When I’m near her, all I want to do is claim her.

If only I wasn’t the biggest threat to her life right now.

With a rogue wolf pack after my hide, I can’t afford a distraction. Even a distraction as alluring as her.

I need to keep my wolfish instincts in check.

But I can’t help myself.

Rosa Parker has got under my skin.

And I won’t stop until I’ve made her mine.

Writing the Wolf is a standalone novel with an HEA. It’s the second book in the hot new paranormal romance series by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. Read on if you love spunky heroines, pack politics, and a hero so hot he’ll have you howling for more.

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The toilet didn’t flush.

You can’t be serious. I am not doing this. I’m not living in a cabin with a toilet that doesn’t work.

I yanked the cord again, harder this time.

The loo made a gurgling sound, but nothing else happened.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” I said aloud, my voice sounding hollow in the darkness. Great. This is just perfect. I should have listened more carefully to Rita’s warnings about the plumbing. What had she said, while I was busy thinking about the fire again?

Even when I was hundreds of miles away, Old Garsmouth still managed to fuck up my life.

Well fine, I wasn’t going to deal with this problem in the dark. I’d call a plumber in the morning. I slammed down the lid, and turned on the tap to wash my hand. A tiny trickle came out, followed by nothing except a loud, thumping noise from the pipes.

“Aargh!” I pounded my fist against the wall. Something scuttled across my knuckles.

“Aargh!” I yanked my hand away and stumbled out the door, straight into a tall stranger who was standing on the path.

“Do you need some help?” A deep voice boomed in my ear, with the familiar heavy vowels of a Scottish accent. Huge arms wrapped around my body.

“Aargh!” I flailed my arms about, tearing myself away from his grip. Who the hell was that? Why was some guy walking around my cabin at night?

And why did my body suddenly feel so strange? It was as though I’d stuck my finger in a light socket. All the hair on my body stood to attention. I could only imagine what the frizz on top of my head must look like. My heart thundered in my chest, but this wasn’t fear – it was something else. It almost felt like … excitement.

I fought against the overwhelming urge to throw myself back into the arms of the stranger. What is that about?

I backed against the side of the loo, and studied the stranger. Even in the moonlight, it was obvious he was the world’s most attractive man. Well maybe not the most … Idris Elba was still alive, of course, and Sam Heughan. But this guy would certainly make top five. And he had the significant advantage in that he was in my immediate vicinity, although I still had yet to ascertain if that was a good thing or not.

He had long, floppy red hair that tumbled around his face in tousled waves. A line of dark stubble crossed his strong, square jaw, and the corners of his mouth lifted up into a cheeky half-grin. Eyes of blue ice looked me up and down with predator-like focus. Even though his thick leather jacket, I could see the dark shapes of a tattoo poking out from the side of his collar. He carried a metal box in his hand. A gold ring dangled from the top of his right ear. God, I’d love to grab that with my tongue and—

What are you even thinking? This is nuts. That’s a white guy, standing in the dark. Hot or not, he can’t be there for any good reason.

I backed away further, trying to ignore the desire surging through my body. Stay alert, Rosa. Ignore your body for the moment. It’s probably having some kind of seizure. If he makes a move, turn and run for the path at the other side of the cabin—

“Are you having some plumbing issues?” The stranger asked, taking a step forward.

I held up a hand. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I demanded, in a voice that oozed the confidence I did not feel. “You’re sneaking around my cabin in the middle of the night wearing all black, you scare me half to death, and the first thing you have to say to me is about the plumbing?

He shrugged, a full-on wicked grin spreading across his face, the kind of grin that might move him from top five hottest guys on earth into the top three. “Why not? I help lots of women with their plumbing.”

“Don’t be disgusting. Are you here to attack me? I warn you, I’m dangerous when provoked.” I tried to make my feet move back, but they were frozen in place.

“Oh, I bet you are.” There was that grin again. Cocky, self-assured. Sexy as hell. Damn this guy. “In all seriousness, though. I just came to see if you were all right. I’ve brought my tools.”

He jiggled the box in his hand, which upon closer inspection did indeed look like a toolbox. Certainly not big enough to carry a body around in. That was some positive news. 

I still wasn’t buying it. “Do you just randomly walk around the forest in the dark, looking for plumbing disasters? You still haven’t told me your name.”

The guy set down the box, and held up both hands in a gesture of supplication. “My name’s Caleb. Rita hired me to do some carpentry work around the place. I’m staying in the cabin just over there.” He jerked his thumb at the trees behind us. “She asked me to come out and check on you, offer my services for whatever you need.” Caleb grinned again. “Looks like I got here just in time.”

About the Author:

Steffanie Holmes is a USA Today bestselling author of dark and steamy paranormal romance. Her books feature clever, witty heroines, wild shifters, cunning witches and alpha males who get what they want.

Before becoming a writer, Steffanie worked as an archaeologist and museum curator. She loves to explore historical settings and ancient conceptions of love and possession. From Dark Age Europe to crumbling gothic estates, Steffanie is fascinated with how love can blossom between the most unlikely characters.

Steffanie lives in New Zealand with her husband and a horde of cantankerous cats. Learn more about Steffanie at her website: www.steffanieholmes.com. She also writes dark science fiction under the name S C Green.

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Please welcome Writing the Wolf author Steffanie Holmes to Diane’s Book Blog. 

How long did it take you to write Writing the Wolf?

About six weeks. I try to fit in 2000 words a day around my day job and other committments, and sometimes I can squeeze in a little more over the weekends.

If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who and why?

Oh, that’s a tough one! I love all my characters, and everyone in the Lowe pack (the Crookshollow series) ends up as friends, so I’d kind of just love to be part of their group.

But I think if I had to pick someone, I’d choose Belinda Wu, owner of the Bewitching Bites bakery in my books Watcher and Reaper. I think she’s just so kind, and I’d love to be friends with someone who can bake delicious treats!

What is your typical day like?

I work from home on a lifestyle block (I think you call it a homestead in the US). I get up around 5:30-6AM, feed all the animals (sheep, chickens, cats, husband), get my own breakfast, and start writing. I try to bust out 1000 words before 7:30, when I check in at my day job. I do 8+ hours at my day job, taking the occasional break to put dinner on, do another farm or house chore, or give my cats some attention. At the end of the day I try to get my second 1000 words done before my husband gets home, otherwise I’ll do them on my laptop in the evening. After dinner we usually do farm chores, work on our house, read, play games, or watch a movie.

What book are you reading now?

The brilliant but haunting Silent Child, by Sarah. A Denzil. A woman mourns the loss of her son, who drowned in a river ten years ago. But then he suddenly shows up again. I’m also reading Kameran Hurley’s essay collection, The Geek Feminist Revolution, which I’m really enjoying.

I read very widely across a bunch of different genres. I think I learn more about how to craft a good story that way, plus I just love too many awesome authors and stories to stick to just one!

Do you prefer hardback, paperback, ebook?

When ereaders first came out on the market, I scoffed at them. Who would want to read on a screen? Books were so beautiful, and easier on the eye. I live in New Zealand, so it was some time before a reader was available in our country. When the first one (a Kobo) was announced, my husband and I went down to the bookshop to have a look. One glance at the e-ink screen and I was instantly hooked.

I am legally blind. I can read normal print, but only if I hold it about ½ an inch from my face. Have you ever held up a heavy hardcover book right against your face for an hour? Books get heavy. And awkward. I own a beautiful copy of the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe, which I haven’t read for the sole reason that it’s too ungainly for me to enjoy.

But my Kindle … oh, my Kindle! I would sing songs about it, if anyone wanted to hear me sing (which, trust me – you don’t). I can make any book into a large print book. I can hold it up to my face for hours at a time without my arms getting tired. I can carry hundreds of books around with me wherever I go. I can even turn the pages with my nose.

I’m reading more than ever now that I have an ereader, and each book is costing me less.

I still buy paperbacks and hardcovers, but mainly they are items of beauty for my home library. For me, ereaders have been a revalation.

What has been your favourite book you wrote?

I’ve written seventeen books so far, and I love all of them for different reasons. But if I had to pick, I’d say it’s an even tie between The Man in Black – my gothic romance, and the Engine Ward series, which was the first dark fantasy series I published under my fantasy pen name S C Green.


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