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Monday, February 20, 2017

Hot on Ice Anthology: Kate Meader Guest Post

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Guest Post

Please welcome IN SKATES TROUBLE, part of HOT ON ICE: A HOCKEY ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY author Kate Meader to Diane’s Book Blog. 

Why I love Sports Romance

There are so many reasons to love sports romance. Muscles, tight shorts, muscles, scruffy beards, muscles … you know the drill.  But how about a few reasons that don’t involve blatant objectification of the perfect male form? Okay, if I must!
1.       There is nothing sexier than talent. Pro athletes are the best at what they do and boy is it hot watching them do it.
2.       Sportsmen have all the traits we admire in a hero: focus, drive, work ethic, and loyalty. When all that is centered on the object of his lusty affections, it can be very dizzying.
3.       Team dynamics. The bro banter, tough ribbing, and team friendships are key to why we love sports romances.
4.       The stakes. Often it’s not just about the success of the romance, but there are intertwined professional goals at play here. Win the game, make the playoffs, take home the trophy. We root for the player while we root for the happy-ever-after.
5.       Sweaty, muscled guys in tip-top- condition. It bears repeating, don’t you think?
In my story in the Hot on Ice anthology, IN SKATES TROUBLE, Ford “Killer” Callaghan is already a Cup winner, but he’s looking for the next big challenge. He didn’t expect to meet it on a darkened balcony when the voice of his hotel room neighbor seduces him utterly and leaves him begging for more. Finding out who she is will put his career, his future, and his heart in danger. But Ford didn’t get to be a champion by quitting when things got hard … and things are about to get very hard indeed!

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