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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Come Closer by Brenda Rothert Review

Come CloserCome Closer by Brenda Rothert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

COME CLOSER by Brenda Rothert is a provocative and exhilarating read. Dr. Daniel Delgado is atoning for his past. He runs Hawthorne Hill Mental Hospital in Montana. He is drawn to his new patient, Allison Cole, wanting to do everything in his power to protect and help her.

Brenda Rothert’s character development is commendable. Daniel is the perfect doctor to run Hawthorne Hill. He has a wonderful bed side manner and truly cares about his patients. He wants them to be treated fairly and with respect. I appreciated how he handled the different personalities and their issues. I love that he takes them on hikes and overnight camping trips. I also appreciated the other therapeutic outdoor activities the patients can do like gardening and horseback riding. Montana is a beautiful state it makes sense to capitalize on their property.

Allison has suffered a tragedy having been strangled leaving her mute. She witnessed her twin sister Ava’s murder. She is sent to Hawthorne Hills by her aunt who was afraid she might hurt herself because of the trauma she endured. She is a complex character that intensifies throughout the story.

I enjoyed Daniel and Allison’s interactions. Daniel does his best to fight his attraction to her, knowing it isn’t proper being her doctor. I like how they pass classic books back and forth to each other to read, thus, getting to know each other better. I like that he confides his imperfect past to Allison. They both equally need each other.

Dr. Marcia Heaton rubbed me the wrong way. I did not like how she handled Allison. I love that Daniel calls her out on her methods.

As far as mental institutions go, Hawthorne Hill is an impressive hospital. If you had to be at one, it would be a decent place to be. For the most part, the staff is great. Of course, there are a couple of exceptions, but overall it is a good establishment.

The plot was amazing. Brenda Rothert did a great job of portraying the environment within the hospital, staff, and patients. In addition, there was the conspiracy behind Ava’s murder and everything that happened there. The story was full of mystery and twists. It was heartfelt and touching. I like how the novel was resolved, and it had a great ending.

COME CLOSER is outside my normal reading realm, but I am a fan of Brenda Rothert, so I wanted to give it a try. I am glad I read this novel. I could not put this book down, finishing it in one day. COME CLOSER is a thought-provoking and thrilling read. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: February 7th 2017 by Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Edition Language: English

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  1. I love Brenda Rothert! So glad to hear that you loved this one. I'll have to add it to my TBR list.


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