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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Awakening Kiss (Watcher's Kiss, #4) by Sharon Kay Review

Awakening Kiss (Watcher's Kiss, #4)Awakening Kiss by Sharon Kay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sharon Kay AWAKENING KISS in another spectacular addition to the Watcher's Kiss Series! Pastry chef, Vincenza DeLuca (Enza), wanders into the wrong place at the wrong time and observes a supernatural skirmish. She is pursued by Watchers, Rhys MacLeod, thinking she might be a threat. This contemporary PRN is suitable for adult audiences. It takes place in Chicago and Torth.

I like Enza. She has no idea that she is a Halfling. She discovers a lot in a short amount of time and handles it well. She has a significant power that makes her sought after. She is quickly liked by everyone she meets. I love that everyone devours her pasties. Rhys is a great guy. He feels guilty about a past relationship that put his teammates in danger. He is extremely protective of Enza. He is intelligent and brave. Enza and Rhys have great chemistry. They are good for each other. I found it amusing that Rhys is a computer expert and that Enza’s talent unintentionally interferes with electricity.

The support characters are great. I love that Brenin looks like Thor and is constantly ogled. Miranda is the perfect mentor for Enza. Antonio and Soren are interesting adversaries.

I’m from Chicago, so I love that the majority of this book takes place there. It is easy for me to visualize all the landmarks it the city.

I enjoyed the plot. There were interesting twists. I thought the Deserati demons searching for supernaturals with special abilities was appealing and believable. The story was well-written and exciting from start to finish. I would love to see a spin off series about the Chicago werewolves. I cannot wait to read what Sharon Kay comes up with next in the series.

Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

Expected publication: September 13th 2016

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