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Friday, July 22, 2016

An Irresistible Force (Vancouver Vice #2) by Melanie Ting Release Day!

An Irresistible Force
Book launches July 22, 2016.

Book description:
When Amanda Richardson was a teenager, she had a huge crush on hockey superstar, Chris Luczak. Now over a decade later, she walks into a boardroom and there he is—looking as hunky and confident as ever. But working with Chris is the least of her problems, since her family’s hockey team is in crisis mode.

Chris Luczak hated retiring from his one true love: playing hockey. He’s been going through the motions at head office, but now he’s got a real challenge. All he has to do is persuade the ownership of the Vancouver Vice that—given their current problems—their best option is to sell the team.

At first, all they do is argue. Amanda has a million reasons not to trust Chris, beginning with his reputation as a womanizing playboy. But she needs all the hockey knowledge inside that sculpted muscular body—not that she’s noticed, of course. And Chris realizes that the longer he puts off this deal, the more time he’ll get to spend with this fiery woman.

Can they work together to save the Vancouver Vice?

Available at:

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited


I walked over to the fridge and Chris followed me.
He spoke in a low voice. “Once more I miss out on hearing about the big old crush that you had on me in high school. But maybe you can tell me yourself someday. Every fantasy in detail.”
“You want to know my biggest fantasy?” I hissed. “Putting a gag on that big mouth.”
He pursed his lips in what he assumed was a sexy way. “Ooooh, bondage. I’m in.”

The Series

An Irresistible Force is book two in the Vancouver Vice series, but can be read as a freestanding novel. The Vancouver Vice are an AHL team, who are trying to make their way out of the league’s basement.

Book one in the Vancouver Vice series is The Tao of Hockey

The Author

Melanie Ting writes hockey romances in beautiful Vancouver, where she can see the mountains and ocean, if she ever looks up from her laptop. Writing is her excuse for researching hockey and hockey players.

Her other hockey romances include:
Hockey Is My Boyfriend, The Complete Trilogy

How the Cookie Crumbles

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