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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fade Into You (Shaken Dirty #3) by Tracy Wolff Review

Fade into You (Shaken Dirty, #3)Fade into You by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tracy Wolff’s Fade Into You is a masterpiece. Shaken Dirty Drummer, Wyatt Jennings, just got out of rehab. He finds himself attracted to the band’s new social media consultant, Poppy Germaine. Little does the band know, Poppy is really the daughter of the labels CEO, undercover to make sure Wyatt stays out of trouble.

I love this story. Poppy has always had a soft spot for Shaken Dirty, after all she discovered them. She unintentionally hooks up with Wyatt. The two have an intense chemistry. Wyatt is enamored with Poppy. I love the irony of her name. We find out what caused Wyatt to spiral out of control, let’s just say it is heartbreaking. I love how the band looks out for each other. They are a true family. Poppy’s dad, Bill Germaine, is a piece of work. He causes some interesting conflicts in the story.

I enjoyed the plot. I thought it was realistic and well written. My son is a drummer so I loved all the detail that Tracy Wolff went into when Wyatt played. She did a fantastic job depicting how much Wyatt loves music and it is a part of him. I love when Wyatt met Jace and his friends. I thought it was great that he went to their show. I like how it tied in with the story. I loved the ending. I would like to hear more about what happens with Poppy and her brother Caleb.

This is the first book that I have read by Tracy Wolff. I really enjoyed her writing style and am definitely interested in reading the other books in this series as well as other books by her.

Published February 15th 2016
Edition Language: English
Series: Shaken Dirty #3

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