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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shifter Chronicles by Anita Cox: Character Interview

Shifter Chronicles
by Anita Cox
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Pursuing Grace, Prequel: Though Grace McGovern just graduated college, she’s restless, and to top it off, she finds herself single and unsatisfied with relationships in general.

Roman intends to claim Grace and make her his mate and part of his pack. He’s searched for her for five years and now she’s within his longing grasp, apart from one minor problem. She has no idea she’s a wolf.

As Grace tries to identify and cope with her inner wolf, she also needs to figure out the unprecedented and undeniable pull Roman has on her. Could he finally offer her the fulfilling relationship for which she’s been yearning?

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Saving Grace, Book 1: Already struggling with her royal status, Lycan Princess Grace McGovern faces the challenge of accepting a mate. The very sexy Roman LaRossa, is already infatuated with Grace. He’s also her pack’s Beta. As Grace’s was raised in the human world, she is determined to bring Lycan women’s rights up to speed, bringing them equality and protection for the violence they face from the Scottsboro pack’s supernatural puppy mill. Can Grace succeed in her goals or will the Scottsboro pack win by kidnapping her and using her to breed her royal blood into their pack until there’s nothing left of her?

Jagger Merrell, Alpha of the Scottsboro pack, takes great pride in his need to bring an end to the Lycan Clan and will do anything and everything he can to bring it and their too independently minded Princess, Grace McGovern to her knees. Will he finally rule the Kingdom of Lycan and tame this odd Alpha Princess once and for all?

Roman, the Belfast Pack’s Beta, has always loved Grace but will his chauvinist and controlling ways cause her to refuse him as her King?

Can Grace find love with Roman? Can Roman save her from Jagger? Who will win this battle of wills to rule the Kingdom of the Lycan?

Content Notes: M/F, Trans, M/F/H, Menage, F/F, Violence but not for titillation


Resurrection, Book 2: Wendy Baker is a staple in the Belfast Lycan pack. She serves others, manages the house and events. So when Nala Baker, her sister-in-law and new Alpha of the pack, asks her to relocate to the new shifter university, she feels lost. How can she leave her pack behind?

Zoltar, the Centaur King, has eyes for Wendy, but years of animosity between Lycans and Centaurs could mean Wendy’s excommunication if they’re discovered.

As new Headmistress at McGovern University, Wendy struggles to find her place and considers Zoltar. He’s smart, sexy, and thoughtful. What will her brother think? But before they can enjoy their new relationship, a Pixie is murdered and the school falls under attack by a group that does not appreciate integration, the Separatists.

Can Wendy overcome her fears and find true love? Can she defend her school and her new pack from the murderous revenge of the Separatists or will she lose everything?

Content Notes: Adult content suitable for mature audience only. M/F, violence (not for titillation), bondage

No Quarter, Book 3: Nala Baker’s arranged marriage to Colin has left her with a cordial relationship at best. Haunted by the memories of Jagger’s abuse, she struggles to bond with her mate the way she should.

Adopting the Gnomes as part of their pack has caused discourse among some pack members, forcing Nala to make difficult choices for the good of the pack. A rival pack issues a no quarter challenge, threatening not only Nala’s position as first female Alpha, but her life, potentially causing her new mate to suffer.

The Separatists continue their assault, threatening the safety of her pregnant sister-in-law, and new Centaur Queen, Wendy Baker.

As the shifter community teeters on the edge of human awareness the danger increases for not only the new school, but for Nala and her pack.

Can Nala overcome her fears and allow herself to bond with Colin? Will the presence of the Gnomes scar their pack forever? Will the Separatists reveal shifters to humans, and will that make the school a casualty of a human-shifter war?

Can she possibly survive a no quarter battle with a larger, stronger Alpha male?

Content Notes: Violence but not for titillation, M/F, Adult Content, light bondage

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance


About the Author

International best-selling author, Anita Cox has been writing general fiction under another name for nearly a decade. In 2012 she strapped on a new name for a new genre and jumped head first into writing erotic romance.

In 2014, she became a Director for the Erotic Author's Guild. Her altruistic nature found its purpose, assisting other erotic authors with issues specific to the genre.

Genres/subject matter you can expect to see from Anita: Contemporary, Ménage, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Suspense and all things naughty.

You can learn more about Anita and her books at www.authoranitacox.com

Author Media Links: 
Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/U99P9

Character Interview

Please welcome Grace, Roman, Wendy, Zoltar, Nala, and Colin from Anita Cox's Shifter Chronicles to Diane’s Book Blog.

DBB: What is your full name? 

GM: Grace McGovern 

RL: Roman LaRossa 

WB: Wendy Baker

Z: Zoltar

NB: Nala Baker 

CB: Colin Baker 

DBB: What is your hair color? Eye color? 

WB: I have blonde hair and blue eyes, just like my brother Colin.

DBB: How old are you?

WB: I’m old. Old enough that I fought in the last Lycan war. 

Z: I’m over a century old, not that you can tell. I’m a Centaur.

DBB: Where were you born? Where have you lived since then? Where do you currently call home?

RL: I was born on the pack property in Belfast, Tennessee and that is where I remain, with my pack.

Z: I was born in Belfast, Ireland. Our herd had traveled a bit, but our home will always be in Belfast.

NB: Well, I was born in Scottsboro, Louisiana, but I’ve recently been relocated as our pack combined with the Belfast, Tennessee pack. So this is my new home. 

CB: Born and raised in Belfast, Tennessee, that is where I remain with my pack.

DBB: What is in your refrigerator right now? 

CB: The pack fridge is always stocked.

DBB: On your bedroom floor? 

CB: My clothes. I try to keep them picked up because I think it drives my new mate crazy. 

DBB: On your nightstand? 

CB: A clock and a lamp. 

DBB: Who are the people you are closest to?

GM: My life has taken a drastic change recently. My best friend took a job out in California and I just found out I’m a shifter. My grandmother, who was my only family, just passed away, so I’m finding my way in this new world. There is another young woman in the pack house that I like a lot. Her name is Tiffany. I think we’re going to become close.
Roman LaRossa is another story. The guy just can’t tear himself away from me, and I sort of like that. He’s nice to look at, so I’m not complaining.

RL: Our Pack Master, or Alpha, Colin Baker. We’ve grown up together since we were pups. I’m his Beta, and next in line to succeed him, but I’d rather he keep his title.

WB: Oh heavens, well, I’m very close to my brother Colin, even closer since his wife and unborn child were killed in a terrible accident. He hates that I fuss over him the way I do. I’m also quite close with our pack’s Beta, Roman. He and my little brother have been friends since they were just tiny pups. Inseparable some would say.

Z: Our whole herd is very close. 

NB: Tracy, my packmate from Scottsboro. She was supposed to be my Beta after I killed Jagger, but then we wound up here, in Belfast. Now she’s nothing more than house help and I feel so bad for her.

CB: I’m very close with my best friend Roman LaRossa though since he’s now our new King…things have changed a bit.

DBB: Who is your funniest friend?

GM: Being in a new house, I’m just learning about others. The Pack Master’s sister, Wendy is pretty funny. Tiffany makes me laugh a lot as well.

DBB: What is your biggest fear?

GM: Oh, I’m afraid of a lot, though I’d never admit it. I just learned that there are bad Lycans out there who would cage me up and breed me until there was nothing left because of my supposed royal blood. I can’t think of anything more terrifying.

RL: For a very long time I feared I’d never find a mate. My wolf kept insisting she was out there and that I had to go looking for her. I eventually caved and started looking.

WB: I worried about everyone else for so long, I’m too old to find a mate now. It makes me very sad, the thought of being alone for all eternity…and that’s a long time for a Lycan.

Z: We finally have the chance to come to peace with the other races, but it’s a challenge with our history. We are sexual creatures by nature and the Lycans, in particular, have their hackles raised. I’m only hoping my herd can keep it in their pants long enough to keep the peace.

NB: After living as a slave for my former Alpha, I’m having a difficult time bonding with my new husband. Sure it was an arranged marriage, but I’d still like some sort of relationship. He’s very kind and he’s giving me space…too much space.

CB: Losing another mate.  

DBB: What is your most treasured possession?

RL: While I wouldn’t consider my pack a possession, I do treasure them the most. I’d do anything for them, including taking another life.

WB: My pack is everything.

Z: I have a knack for engineering. The plans for the new school were entirely mine down to the smallest detail. That skill is probably my most treasured possession.

CB: My pack.

DBB: What or who is the greatest love of your life?

RL: Grace. Well, my wolf insists it is her. He might be right because I can’t take my eyes off of her and I’m so protective I act like an ass sometimes. She’s not really one to be fussed over. I think I drive her crazy.

CB: It’s crazy, I would have said my late wife before now. But Nala is a force to be reckoned with and she…she’s breathing life back into me.

DBB: What is your favorite journey?

Z: Crashing the Lycan wedding was sort of entertaining. The looks on the faces of the Lycan males was worth a million bucks.

NB: Moving to Belfast, away from everything I’ve ever known was terrifying. But this pack was welcoming, and Grace has been so helpful. Even though I haven’t really settled in, it’s my only journey, and therefore my favorite.

CB: Going to find Grace. While it didn’t turn out how I’d thought, watching Roman pant while he watched her in that filthy bar gave me a good laugh.

DBB: Which living person do you most despise?

WB: Jagger Merrill from the Scottsboro pack. What he’s done to his packmates is unforgiveable.

Z: Hatred is for the weak.

NB: He’s not living anymore. I helped kill him. 

CB: I don’t really despise anyone, but I don’t trust those filthy Centaurs either. They’re here to take our women from us. I just know it in my gut.

DBB: What is your greatest regret?

GM: That I never knew my mother. Well, I don’t remember her anyway.

Z: A King should have a queen and I’ve let my herd down for far too long.

NB: Not killing him sooner. 

CB: I shouldn’t have let my sister care for me so long. She’s been alone and she’s aging without a mate. It’s almost inhumane to watch.

DBB: Which talent would you most like to have?

RL: The vampires can appear out of thin air. I think they call it apparating. It scares the hell out of you when they all of the sudden turn up, but we’ve been at peace with them for a century. So there’s no need to be too worried.

NB: Some of the royals can hear the thoughts of others. I wish I could do that. Things might become a bit easier then.

CB: I’d love to play an instrument. A few of our pack members play the guitar and I’m quite jealous of their skill.

DBB: What is the quality you most like in a man/woman

RL: Loyalty. Your pack comes first. End of story.

WB: Well, that Centaur King, Zoltar has caught my attention. He’s strong, but very caring toward his herd. Not to mention he displays a truckload of patience with the Lycan males who are very wary of having a herd of Centaurs roaming around so close to their females.

Z: I like a caring woman, one who is in tune with those around her, and puts the needs of others above her own. That sort of altruism is rare.

NB: Decency. I’ve experienced so little up to now that I find decency to be the best quality.

DBB: What do you most value in your friends?

GM: I value loyalty above all else. With loyalty, all other desired qualities should fall right in line.

DBB: Who is your favorite hero of fiction? In real life?

GM: I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Iron Man. I think it’s because he was just nerd at heart.

Sixteen year old Sybil Ludington took a 40 mile ride to warn the British were coming. Sort of makes Paul Revere’s seven mile journey look like child’s play. But she was a young girl so she didn’t get the credit of the infamous Revere. Women were kicking ass and taking names earlier than 1777, but Sybil’s story certainly stuck with me. 

WB: Heroes are not for me. When you put someone on a pedestal they only place they have to go is down. We should all find the heroes within ourselves. I have seen some very heroic deeds in my day and none of them considered themselves heroes.

Z: I’m a son of Apollo. What you think is fiction might very well be fact. Apollo is my hero.

NB: I haven’t had much of a chance to read in my life, but Grace is my hero. Without her, I’d still be locked in a cage, half-starved and abused by my Pack Master.

DBB: Which living person do you most admire?

GM: I admire all of the humans that spend their time and money saving abused animals, each and every one of them. I cannot imagine the heartache they feel for each soul they rescue from the unspeakable. They are truly angels from heaven.

RL: I really admire Grace. She is accepting who she is with an elegance I just didn’t expect. She is very kind toward others and accepting of this new world she’s never know. 

WB: Oh I truly admire our new Queen, Grace. She’s adapting to her new role nicely and empowering the females to be more than docile. She’s rocked the boat a bit since her arrival, but her kindness is unsurpassed. She accepts us all as we are, and that’s saying a bunch for this lot.

CB: I admire my new wife. With everything she’s been through, she’s holding her head up high and moving on. She’s careful not to over-assert herself as the new head of our pack, while still maintaining order.

DBB: What is your motto?

GM: Nothing is set in stone.

WB: Always put others ahead of yourself.

Z: With patience, one can persevere.

NB: I’m still a work in progress, so I’ll have to come back to you on this.

CB: In time, all things change.

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