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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Empath Trilogy by H.K. Savage: Interview & Giveaway

Title- Empath
Series- Empath Trilogy # 1
By- H.K. Savage
Genre- YA Paranormal Romance

All she wanted was to disappear…

Claire Martin is an empath. She’s lived her entire life as a slave to a constant barrage of emotions that weren't hers. Off to college, she hopes simply to blend with the crowd where she can best hide her curse. Within her first few weeks at school Claire meets Stephen Andrews, a small, fragile looking boy who changes her life forever. 

Stephen, a boy with a secret of his own, instantly recognizes Claire for what she is. It is through Stephen's aid that Claire meets James, a vampire with a talent of his own. As soon as they touch, their abilities connect in a way that has not occurred in over three hundred years forming a bond that cannot be broken.


Title- Bonded

Series- Empath Trilogy #2
By- H.K. Savage
Genre- YA Paranormal Romance

The bad guys are licking their wounds leaving Claire and James to enjoy what promises to be a merry Christmas. Until a traitor among them delivers Stephen and Claire into enemy hands.

Past lovers, obligations and rivalries compete, all the while the bond between Claire and James grows and Claire is pulled further toward the vampire side. James is growing dependent upon her to feed his humanity, and the boundary that separates them is no longer clear.

A potential husband and a job working for the Court threaten to take Claire's newfound control over her life from her and stick her firmly under someone else's thumb. She must try to keep her wits about herself enough to figure out what she wants before the ability to decide is gone forever, and try not to get any of her loved ones killed in the process.


Title- Secrets
Series- Empath Trilogy #3
By- H.K. Savage
Genre-YA Paranormal Romance

Paris, everyone is together and forgets for one night about the looming threat of war between the races for a wedding. But no sooner are their vows exchanged than the newlyweds are called upon to serve the Court.

Stateside, an old photograph turns up with a member of the vampire's Court and several other men linked to an organization called Nightshade Holdings, LLC. More digging reveals how deep Nightshade's influence extends and just how deeply the Court itself is involved in the plot to start an interspecies war.

Love is found, old friends die and a greater enemy than any thought possible is revealed. It will take everything for the clan and the vampires to stop the war before it is too late.


About the Author

HK lives in the frozen hinterlands of the far North.  The long, cold months provide ample opportunity to hunker down with her computer and create adventures far more enticing than scraping ice and getting frostbite.

Between books HK reads voraciously.  Anything with a good plot and compelling characters are her broad parameters.  One is as likely to catch her with a copy of Don Quixote as with the latest Kristen Ashley.

When not writing or wowing the corporate world by day, HK practices martial arts, plays with her dogs and matches wits with her teen. Next winter she intends to brush up on her Spanish and escape the cold for somewhere more tropical.



Please welcome Empath Trilogy author  H.K.Savage to Diane’s Book Blog.

What is your favorite part of the Empath Trilogy Series?

This was my first book and then grew into a series so I would have to say this is my fave. To pick a favorite part? Hmm, that’s tough. Without too many spoilers, I would have to say there’s a spot where Claire has to make a choice in book 1 and as she’s taking off a necklace so James will find it and she’s hoping he forgives her, that’s an emotional scene I adore. Then again, in book 2 Claire has to steal James’ keys and how she goes about getting “into his pants” is pretty hot and also painful.

Where did the idea for Empath Trilogy Series come from?

Vampires are my favorite monster and I’d been kicking this one around for a few years. The old tv series, “Moonlight” had a vampire society pretty well assimilated into human society and the concept really caught hold. I liked the blending of their worlds and then, of course, humans with extra abilities has been in my head since my first comic book in elementary school.

How long did it take you to write Empath?

The books came out in their raw form within about 10 months, it was insane how fast they rolled out of my head. The editing, that was a nightmare. If you ever want to tempt madness edit a series.

What sort of research did you do while planning the series?

This one didn’t take much research aside from checking out the visuals of a few stores in Edinburgh, Scotland. They start in Minneapolis and Claire is a student at the college I attended. The one bummer for me, and why I chose Augsburg as the school, was for the tunnels that connect the old parts of campus. I thought it would be perfect for a vampire story but then as it unfolded they never set foot in the tunnels. Oh well.

If you were stranded on a desert island which of your characters do you want by your side?

James would be the best but the desert would hurt him so I’d have to say Stephen. He’s her best friend and can make her laugh so I’m thinking that would be useful, plus his fur would keep me warm at night.

If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be?

From any of my books? Probably Avery from Whispers. She’s that slightly mad friend we all have or wish we did. Unfortunately because my mad friends tend to be, well, mad, the friendships burn up but boy are they fun while they last.

What inspired you to write your first book?

It was written but I published Empath after Twilight caught fire. Honestly, and please don’t get me wrong I like the series just not as paranormal but as a teen romance, it made me mad that she had the vampires sparkle like disco balls. I wanted to put my version of vampires out there, the old school monster of them but if they were really here among us how could they have survived so long without mass discovery?

What is your favorite book that you wrote?

Empath, those characters lived in my head for so long before I let them out that they felt like old friends.

Who or what inspired you to be a writer?

I like to tell stories, that’s all. I don’t know as I consider myself a writer, I just like to show my worlds to other people. If they like them or feel entertained for a few hours then yay!

What books have most influenced your life?

The Tell Tale Heart, Edgar Allen Poe
Call of the Wild, Jack London

What's your favorite book-turned movie?

Not regular books but comic books/graphic novels. Those make for fantastic movies!

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Poe and London as above. They both have a gift for taking the darkest parts of us and of the world and making them painfully beautiful.

What is your typical day like?  

I work a day job so when my daughter is home I am all about her but when she’s at her dad’s I come home, walk the dog to clear my head (and his), grab a cup of tea or wine and sit down with my computer. If I’m lucky, words come.
How do you overcome writer’s block?

Walking with music. When time is tight and I don’t get that, I can get stuck.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I’m finishing the last book in The Admiral’s Elite series (Second Sight, Into the Light) and also starting the next book in my new series (An Undying Oath).

What book are you reading now?

Can’t read while I’m writing or I’ll obsess my way through the entire series so it’s a reading dry spell for me right now. Plus it gives me incentive to finish writing!

What do you prefer paperback, hardcover, or ebooks?

Ebooks, I can read them on my phone if I forget my Kindle.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! It’s pretty hard to write sometimes, and I’ve thought about walking away a few times but then I’ll get a humbling letter from someone who has read one of my books and I think “I have to finish the story for __”. It’s not just for me anymore.


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