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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Chained by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampires #2) by Larissa Ione Review

Chained by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampire, #2)Chained by Night by Larissa Ione
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hunter, the Leader of the vampire clan MoonBound, has agreed to an arranged mating to a rival clan, ShadowSpawn, leader's daughter, Rasha, to gain allies in an impending war. However, he is more attracted to her identical twin sister, Aylin.

Hunter is a great leader and hero. I love that he likes Monty Python. Needless to say he has a great personality. He is a good man who protects his family and people. He is selfless, having no issue making sacrifices for those in his care.

I love Aylin. She has been treated poorly by her clan due to being crippled. She is strong and has a big heart. Considering how she has been treated, she has a great outlook and personality.

Rasha, well…let’s just say that she is the complete opposite of her twin, Aylin. I don’t really have anything nice to say about her. She does make a good antagonist.

Samnult is an interesting demon/god. The bickering between Sam and Hunter was entertaining. Heck, I love the conversations in the entire story, both verbal and internal. There are some very humorous comments made throughout the book, which kept me laughing.

Larissa Ione did a phenomenal job with every aspect of this novel. The plot is well-thought-out. There are tons of action and suspense. The characters are well developed. Plus, the details that went into Chained by Night are admirable.

Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

ebook, 400 pages
Published September 30th 2014 by Pocket Books
original title: Chained by Night
ISBN 1476700206 (ISBN13: 9781476700205)
edition language: English
series: MoonBound Clan Vampires #2

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