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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Asylum Tales by Jocelyn Drake: Interview & Giveaway

Demon's Fury
The Asylum Tales
Book 3.1
Jocelynn Drake

Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse
Release Date: October 14, 2014

Book Description:

Jocelynn Drake continues her successful urban fantasy series, Asylum Tales, with Demon’s Fury, set in a world where elves, faeries, trolls, werewolves, and vampires walk free among humanity.

Powerful warlock and tattoo artist Gage has managed to escape the magical Ivory Towers who terrorize the rest of humans and monsters – but at a price.

Now he must join forces with his nemesis Gideon to stop an unknown entity who is using old magic to commit gruesome murders. And if that’s not keeping him busy enough, an investigator recruits Gage to help her track a killer … who might be targeting tattoo artists.

Available at Amazon

Demon's Vow

The Asylum Tales
Book 3.2
Jocelynn Drake

Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse
Release Date: October 21, 2014
ISBN 006235941X
ISBN13: 9780062359414

Bestselling author Jocelynn Drake continues her urban fantasy series with the second installment of the Final Asylum Tales, Demon’s Vow.

Book Description:

Tattoo artist and warlock Gage is having a rough week. He’s trying to track down a mysterious murderer in Low Town while also chasing a powerful entity using forbidden Death Magic across the nation.

When Gage discovers the two forces may be trying to unite, the stakes get even higher. With Gideon’s help, Gage is determined to stop the murderers before anyone else gets hurt – including his girlfriend, Trixie.

Available at Amazon

Inner Demon
The Asylum Tales
Jocelynn Drake  

Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse
Release Date: October 28, 2014
ISBN 0062359428
ISBN13: 9780062359421

Gage is a powerful warlock in Low Town, where elves, faeries, trolls, goblins, and vampires walk free among humanity. But there are two dangerous entities murdering families and children, and Gage needs to stop them before anybody else gets hurt.

When Gage discovers a demon locked away it offers him access to dark magic in exchange for its freedom – a dangerous opportunity, but one that could save his loved ones. Gage must choose between what is right and what is easy … except he’s running out of time.

Available at Amazon

Author Bio

By day, Jocelynn Drake is a clean-cut financial editor, picking apart stories about Wall Street and the global markets. But in her free time, she writes about a dark underworld where vampires and warlocks rule.

The author of Dark Days and Asylum Tales series, she lives in Florida with her husband, dog, and cat. When she's not working on her next book, she's usually hiding from the sun by playing video games.

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Please welcome The Asylum Tales author Jocelyn Drake to Diane's Book Blog.

How long did it take you to write the Final Asylum Tales book?

I think the final book, once I buckled down to it, took between three and four months to complete the rough draft. I spent another month editing it. Then I added another month of revisions guided by my editor.

If you were stranded on a desert island which of your characters do you want by your side?

If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d want Gage with me — and not just because he’s a warlock and could get us off the desert island in the blink of an eye. Even without his powers, he’s smart, resourceful, and entertaining. He would not let the temporary setback of being marooned in the middle of nowhere get him down. He’d come up with a plan to escape and he’d be fun to be around while we were implementing our scheme.

If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be?

That’s hard to say. I’ve had Mira from my Dark Days series and Gage from the Asylum Tales running around in my head for so long that I feel like they actually are a part of my life. They are friends and family. I can feel their sympathy when something terrible happens and I feel their empathetic rage when I’m angry at an injustice. Mira and Gage are the type of people who would have your back no matter what you asked. They are both a little crazy and dangerous, but they’re also dependable.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I was 12 and I’d just finished reading a retelling of Robin Hood. It was a good story and I’ve read many other books by that author, but when I finished Robin Hood, I was left with the feeling that something was missing. So that summer, I spent my free time sitting on my bed, writing the story of Robin Hood so that it contained a kick-ass female who could keep up with Robin Hood and his band of merry men. That was my first book.

Who or what inspired you to be a writer?

In the sixth grade, I had a writing assignment to write a mystery that would be read in front of the class. I was in a panic. I’d never written a story. I couldn’t possibly write a story. I revered authors. These were magical people who lived in far off large homes with luxurious libraries overflowing with books. You didn’t talk to them or attempt to contact them because they were busy dreaming up more wonderful books. I couldn’t write a story… only these wonderful, talented people could.

But my dad sat down with me one night and helped me write a mystery about a detective who helped an old woman who heard a strange noise in her basement on Halloween. And when I read it… my classmates laughed at the funny parts. As an introvert, kids I’d never spoken to reacted to my words.

In the end, I never thought I’d be an author or that anyone would ever read my words, but there’s always the hope. Reaching people you’ve never met before with your words … that’s an addiction from which I will never recover.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I make outlines. I believe heavily in outlining the main plot of the book as well as making extensive character notes before I start working on a book. That way, I always know what is supposed to happen next and I know enough about my character and his/her motivation that I will be able to guess his/her reaction. This planning ahead of time helps to stop writer’s block before it happens.

What do you prefer paperback, hardcover, or ebooks? 

I love a good story. I love the written word. I don’t care the format. I will admit that ebooks are great when you’re traveling and don’t want to worry about getting charged extra because your luggage is loaded down with books.  If I feel the need to read, I’ll read a candy wrapper or the back of a shampoo bottle if I don’t have a book handy.

Because you know, if it’s a great story, does it really matter the format? Nah. Just give me the next page.

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