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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Resonance (Echo Trilogy, #1.5) by Lindsey Fairleigh: Review, Author & Character Interviews

Author Interview:

I would like to welcome Echo Trilogy author Lindsey Fairleigh to Diane's Book Blog.

What is your favorite part of the Echo Trilogy?

Oh, jeez…I don’t think I can’t narrow it down to one part. I really love the characters, especially the protagonist, Lex. She’s so real to me, that I feel like she’s one of my best friends. And luckily, she lives in my head, so that works out well. J  I’m also having a lot of fun setting up and playing with the “time travel” rules in the Echo Trilogy world. And, I’m loving exploring ancient Egypt. There’s a TON of Old Kingdom Egypt in book 2, Echo Queen. Hmmm…I wonder what that means… ;)
How long did it take you to write Resonance?

As insane as it sounds, it was about three weeks from conception to publication. It IS only a 12,000 word novella, but still… I wish I could write everything that quickly.

If you were stranded on a desert island which of your characters do you want by your side?

Definitely Dom. Of course, that might be because, in my head, he closely resembles Tom Hiddleston.

What is your favorite book that you wrote?

I really love Echo Prophecy. It was the first manuscript I ever completed, not to mention my first solo project. I love the characters, the setting—especially the Seattle-worship—the mystical and mythical nature of that world, and of course, the history…so, so much. Oh, and the steaminess. The Echo Trilogy definitely is the more scandalous of my two current series, and the steamy scenes are always SO MUCH FUN to write.

What books have most influenced your life?

The Chronicles of Narnia would have to take the number one spot. When I was in middle school, one of my good friends and I decorated a room “like” Narnia, stepped into a closet, then stepped back out and pretended we were really IN Narnia. In middle school. Yeah. Harry Potter would be a close second. With both series, I think it was the idea that there was another, magical world closely linked to ours, the possibility that, one day, just maybe, I could get to one of those magical worlds that enthralled my imagination so completely. And then I met the late, great David Eddings—not in person, but through his words—and his characters became some of my closest friends. I’m not ashamed to admit that there are some definite similarities between Eddings’s character, Ce’Nedra, and my character, Dani, from The Ending Series. It wasn’t done consciously, but it just shows how much Eddings’s words have come to life in my head.

What's your favorite book-turned movie?

It’s not technically a “book-turned-movie,” but more of a fairytale-turned-movie, but I really love EVER AFTER, with Drew Barrymore. I mean, I LOVE that movie. I’ve watched it too many times to count.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Kim Harrison, hands down. Her HOLLOWS series is my favorite book series of all times. She, more than any other author I’ve read, has made me truly care about the characters as though they were real people. Her words are pure magic.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I walk in the vineyard behind my house. I do that pretty much every evening anyway, because it’s where/when I come up with some of my best ideas, but if I’m stuck, closing my laptop and heading out into the vineyard for an hour always helps me unstick myself. Showering helps, too—and I’m totally serious about that one. Just standing in the shower and staring out the little shower window can work wonders for my brain.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

THANK YOU! :D  Thank you for every email, review, and blog or Facebook message…hearing from you guys makes all the hard work worth it!

Character Interview:

Please welcome Lex and Marcus from Lindsey Fairleigh's Echo Trilogy Series.

What are your names? Do you have nicknames?

Marcus: I have many names—Marcus, Horus, Heru…but if I revealed them all, well, what would be the fun in that?

Lex: Looks at Marcus and tilts her head to the side, wearing a secret little smile. What about the first name you ever had? Why don’t you share that with us?

Marcus: Narrows his eyes, but his lips quirk, like he’s hold back a grin. Is that why you wanted me to do this interview, Little Ivanov…to force me into revealing all that I’ve withheld?

How old are you?

Lex: Looks away from Marcus and resituates herself. I’m 24. And don’t even bother asking him. He won’t tell you. He won’t even tell me.

Marcus: Turns and focuses on Lex, his golden gaze hawk-like. And why, my darling Lex, don’t you just take a peek back in time and find out?

Lex: Flashes him another of her secret smiles. What would be the fun in that?

Marcus: Grins.

What is in your refrigerator right now? On your bedroom floor? On your nightstand? In your garbage can?

Lex: Cringes. Honestly, I don’t know. It’s been months since I’ve been home. I’m sure that whatever’s in there has sprouted legs.
Marcus: There’s nothing in there to sprout legs—I had my people clean out your fridge and freezer shortly after…the incident.

Lex: Studies Marcus with narrowed eyes. But…why would you do that?

Marcus: Glances at her. Why wouldn’t I? I knew you weren’t returning…  

Lex: Eyes him and purses her lips, but says nothing.

What is your most treasured possession?

Marcus: Looks at Lex.

Lex: Returns Marcus’s stare and raises her eyebrows.

Marcus: Nods his head the slightest amount. My car.

Lex: Snorts.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Marcus and Lex lock eyes.

Marcus: Do you really require an answer?

Which living person do you most despise?

Again, Marcus and Lex exchange a look.

Lex: Set.

Marcus: He hasn’t always been so—

Lex: Set.

What is the quality you most like in a man/woman?

Marcus: Ah…but I am bound to prophecy. There is only one quality that draws me to a woman.

Lex: Raises her eyebrows. Really…just one? Because I know your reputation? I know about—

Marcus: Gazes at Lex. How bored I am by every other woman?

Lex: Uh… Blinks several timesWaves hand in Marcus’s general direction. That whole golden god thing pretty much works for me.

Marcus: Lifts one eyebrow. Pretty much? Clearly I have some work to do…

Lex: Blushes.

What is your motto?

Lex: Live in the moment. Frowns. Or, at least, I’m trying really hard to make that my motto…

Marcus: To convince Lex that I’m worth more than a “pretty much.” Twines his fingers with Lex’s and stands, barely glancing away from her. Thank you so much for hosting us. It’s been…enlightening. Starts walking away.

Lex: Looks over her shoulder and grins. And winks. Thanks!


(Echo Trilogy, #1.5)

This ECHO TRILOGY novella takes place between ECHO PROPHECY and ECHO QUEEN (coming in September).

This novella contains major spoilers from the novel, ECHO PROPHECY

It’s recommended that you read ECHO PROPHECY first, though it’s not required.
A week has passed since the confrontation with Set. Lex and Marcus have been biding their time in Florence, waiting for Set to make a move.

Just as they’re settling in to their new life together, an act of vandalism on one of Marcus’s most prized possessions reveals that their past—and future—is far more complex than they realized.

FREE 6/29 - 7/03

Available at:

Echo Prophecy 

(Echo Trilogy, #1) 

“…we only see what we want to see…what we expect to see…”

Discover what’s hidden—a powerful, mythic race, an ancient Egyptian prophecy, and a love strong enough to shatter the boundaries of time.

Alexandra Larson isn’t human…but she doesn’t know that. As far as Lex is concerned, she’s simply an ambitious and independent archaeology grad student with a knack for deciphering ancient languages, especially the various forms of Egyptian. When she’s recruited to work on her dream excavation, her translating skills uncover the secret entrance to an underground Egyptian temple concealed within Djeser-Djeseru—the famous mortuary temple of Queen Hatchepsut. Lex is beyond thrilled by her discovery…as is the enigmatic and alluring excavation director, Marcus Bahur.

As the relationship between Lex and Marcus heats up, a series of shocking revelations leave the young archaeologist reeling. Once Lex discovers the truth of her ancient Egyptian roots—the truth of her more-than-human nature—the people she trusts most make one final, terrifying revelation: Lex is the central figure of a four-thousand-year-old prophecy. She is the only thing standing between the power to alter the very fabric of time and an evil megalomaniac…who also happens to be her father. As events set in motion over four millennia ago lead Lex and Marcus from Seattle to the heart of Egypt, the fate of mankind depends on one thing: the strength of Lex’s love.

On sale for $0.99 from 7/9 - 7/12

Available at:

Amazon | B&N 


Lindsey Fairleigh lives her life with one foot in a book--as long as that book transports her to a magical world or bends the rules of science. Her novels, from post-apocalyptic to time travel and historical fantasy, always offer up a hearty dose of unreality, along with plenty of adventure and romance. When she's not working on her next novel, Lindsey spends her time reading and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. She lives in the Napa Valley with her loving husband and confused cats.

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