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Monday, May 12, 2014

Frozen Barriers (Barriers #1) by Sara Shirley Review

Frozen Barriers (Barriers #1)Frozen Barriers by Sara Shirley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

America figure skating star, Emily Cameron, has been pursuing her parents’ dream all her life.

Minor-league hockey player, Jeremy Page, has always loved the game.

It has been ages since Emily and Jeremy have seen each other, once skating at the same rink. Years later they are reunited, and Jeremy will do everything in his power for chance to get to know Emily better.

I love that Frozen Barriers is written in two-person point of view. It was powerful knowing both Emily and Jeremy’s viewpoints.

I really like Emily. She has been following her parents' vision her whole life. She at no time had a life of her own; always training, never living. Once she gets to know Jeremy, his family, and friends, she starts to question her life and becomes a stronger person. Despite having selfish parents, she is a good person and loyal friend.

I love Jeremy. He has been raised by wonderful parents who take his friends in and make them feel as loved as their own. They have good values and a great life. Jeremy has a big heart and is loyal. After being hurt by his two-year college girlfriend, he doesn’t want a relationship with anyone, until Emily.

I adored that Emily and Jeremy originally met when she was eleven, and he was thirteen. Next they bump into each other in high school and then finally when they are in their twenties. I guess third time is a charm.

Emily and Jeremy have a natural feel as a couple. I love their text to each other. They really are adorable together. However, life is not perfect, and they also have their obstacles.

There was one comment in the book that made me ponder. I read a lot of hockey romances, and one common thread seems to be that all the hockey players love the game. It makes sense. There is a scene where Jeremy gets called up to the NHL and in his first game after getting hit, he looks at the player and from the expression on the competitors face wonders when he stopped loving the game and when it stared becoming about the paycheck. I have always preferred college football and basketball because I felt the games had more heart but never considered the possibility for hockey. It made me wonder what the breakdown is for NHL players. What is the percentage of players who do it for the money versus playing for the love of the game? I want to be optimistic and say mostly for the love of the game.

This book definitely makes a statement about priorities and what is really important in life. Both main and support characters grow throughout this book. Frozen Barriers made me angry, laugh, smile, and cry. Frozen Barriers is an amazing and heartwarming novel that I am so glad I read.

Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

Published May 23rd 2014
edition language: English
series: Barriers #1

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