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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wild Card by Jamie Wyman: Interview & Giveaway


Jamie Wyman

Release Date: 11/25
Genre:  Urban Fantasy

It was bad enough that gods gambled with human souls, but Catherine Sharp’s soul just had to be won by the Greek goddess of Discord, Eris. As if working a dead-end tech support job didn’t suck the life out of her as it was. Now, Cat finds herself performing random tasks for the goddess in her free time.

But when Coyote, the Native American trickster himself, claims to have won her own soul in Mayhem's weekly poker game, Cat wants in on the action. With five sneaky gods upping the ante, Cat needs to find a way to collect the winning chips that could save her soul.

Marius, a handsome yet irritating satyr with his own debt to Eris, might finally come in handy for something. If they play their cards right and work together, Cat and Marius may just get their freedom back. If they don't kill each other or fall in love first.

Author Bio: After a misspent adulthood pursuing a Music Education degree, JAMIE WYMAN fostered several interests before discovering that being an author means never having to get out of pajamas. (However, she can eat/spin fire, tell you a lot about auditioning to be a Blue Man, and read/write in Circular Gallifreyan.) As an author, Jamie’s favorite playgrounds are urban fantasy, horror and creepy carnival settings. When she’s not traipsing about with her imaginary friends, she lives in Phoenix with two hobbits and two cats. She is proud to say she has a deeply disturbed following at her blog.

Jamie’s debut novel, WILD CARD, will be coming to an e-reader near you November 2013 thanks to Entangled Publishing. You can also find her short story “The Clever One” in the anthology WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME 2 (Dragon Moon Press, August ’13).


I would like to welcome Jamie Wyman and thank her for taking the time for an interview.

What is your favorite part of Wild Card? 

The characters. I’ve had so much fun writing them, playing with them in my head and watching what happens when their lives go to hell. I love their flaws, their quirks and how they get under one another’s skins. Catherine and Marius are spectacular. I heart them to pieces.

How long did it take you to write Wild Card? 

The rough draft took 3 weeks to write. (I was on a roll with that one and it just came gushing out.) However, it’s been through months and months of edits and revisions to make it just right.

If you were stranded on a desert island which of your characters do you want by your side? 

Definitely Marius. Sure there are gods in the book that could probably get me off said desert island (assuming they didn’t put me there in the first place), but Marius is by far the most entertaining and…shall we say decorative? He’s easy on the eyes and he’s a satyr! We’d never be bored.

If you could be best friends with one of your characters, who would it be? 

Oh, that’s easy. Catherine Sharp. She is a lot like the women I hang out with and I think she’d fit right in.

What inspired you to write your first book? 

My first book was called DREAMSEED. I’d had this thought right around the time Heath Ledger died, “What if people who die in their sleep stay in the dream they were having?” After some prodding from my friend Jesse, I started working on it, one chapter at a time. Pretty soon, the story started falling off the spool and the next thing I knew, I had a finished book. It’s never been published and I may rework it eventually, but that was the first book I wrote.

What is your favorite book that you wrote? 

Of those that are finished? WILD CARD. It hit all of the marks I was gunning for, was a blast to write and I’ve truly enjoyed living in the world of Catherine Sharp. Right now, though, I’m working on the third book in Cat’s story, and I have to say it’s my favorite. I’m dying to finish it so that my betas can scream at me for it!

Who or what inspired you to be a writer?

I always knew I loved telling stories. I have a very vivid memory of being 4 or 5 and telling my grandma stories while she recorded them on a tape deck. I’d have to say that she’s the first person who told me I could be a writer. She bought me my first typewriter, too. After that, I had many teachers who praised my writing or helped me take it to the next level. My family has always been supportive of everything I’ve done, and that’s worth gold, right there. I took a long time away from fiction, though, and it was my friend Jesse Cox who poked me to write my first novel, so he’s been a big deal. And my betas. I cannot thank them enough.

What books have most influenced your life? 

WICKED by Gregory Maguire, THE STORY OF B by Daniel Quinn, MISTS OF AVALON by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? 

I’d have to say Christopher Moore. He has a true gift for humor. I’m laughing out loud every other page or so. But he also has this beautiful prose (particularly in his more recent works) that is damn near heartbreaking. He takes these weighty topics like death and coming to terms with one’s past and tackles them with wit. I absolutely love that about his work.

What is your typical day like? 

I hit the snooze bar a few times, then get up and trudge to my daughter’s room to wake her up. (I’m glad I’m not a snooze bar, or else she’d hit me. No one in this house is a morning person.) Once I’ve gotten her off to school, I do a little bit of puttering on social media or catch up on The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Then, I pour myself some chai and it’s off to the word mines. I break for lunch (and check social media/YouTube for funny things while I eat), then get back to work until it’s time to pick up the kiddo from school. After that, it really depends. If I have a deadline or if I’m REALLY on a roll, I might get back to what I’m working on, or I spend time with the family and do house stuff. I’m usually up late chatting, playing video games, reading or playing Words With Friends.    
How do you overcome writer’s block? 

One word at a time. I try not to think of “writer’s block” as a big deal. The more weight you give it, the more power it has—if that makes sense. The easiest way for me to push through a hard spot, is to just write. Even if it sucks. If I really can’t do that, I will read something I know I love, or watch a movie that I think is an impeccable example of good storytelling. Those usually help kick the gears loose.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? 

Well, as posting anything from my current work-in-progress would be spoilery in one fashion or other, here’s a bit of one of my favorite scenes from WILD CARD.

“Bugger all, you are a lousy date!”
“This isn’t a date,” I contested. “This is a job. Nothing more.”
“You could do worse than a date with me, Catherine.”
I snorted. “Not by much.”
“Do you honestly find me so repellent?” His face drawn in a mockery of disappointment, Marius stretched out his arms in a move that was equal parts pining for attention and putting himself on display. Once more, I humored the idea that for all of his personality flaws and inhuman traits, he sparked something in the deeper reaches of my interest. Maybe it was the sleek line of his shoulders in that suit. Or the silky thickness of his hair. I skimmed over our past, wondering if I’d ever seen it down rather than in a ponytail.
I shook my head and stopped pondering. This was Marius. I’d never seen beneath the glamour, but I knew it was there. I wouldn’t deny that he was attractive, but I couldn’t accept that what I saw was reality. Still…
“You’re all right,” I conceded, looking away and letting my stare drift over the crowd.
“All right?” Dropping his arms, he chuffed indignantly.
“Darling, I do believe I must fetch you a dictionary as your vocabulary is sorely lacking. I am better than all right. I am spectacular. I am an Adonis. Tantric sex in a suit, is what I am. And it wouldn’t kill you to pay me a compliment. Here, allow me to demonstrate. You are stunning, Catherine. You sparkle with the delicate fire of a star. A vision of grace and beauty that would make Aphrodite herself fume with envy.”
Abashed and red-faced, I looked away. With a hooked finger he picked up my chin and drew my attention back to his too sincere face.
“I am truly the luckiest of men to have the honor of escorting you tonight.” He placed the faintest of kisses—little more than a breath and the brush of his mustache—on the back of my hand.
“May I have the pleasure of sharing a dance with you?”
My stomach fluttered. I wasn’t snowed by his pretty words, but the intensity of his stare gave me pause. Could he mean it? Could I actually be entertaining the idea that Marius was anything other than a bother?
I blew out a breath I hadn’t realize I’d been holding.
“Sure. Why not? Nothing better to do.”

What book are you reading now? 

With Catching Fire in theaters, I just finished a re-read of the whole Hunger Games series. I’d forgotten just how awesome and horrifying those stories can be.

What do you prefer paperback, hardcover, or ebooks? 

Ha! I’m sure my husband would prefer I stick to hardback or ebooks, what with the way I treat my favorite paperbacks. I’m horribly hard on them. My copy of Mists of Avalon is in tatters and dog-eared and the covers are all bent out of shape. I love paperbacks. However, I’m really seeing the benefit of ebooks. I’m particularly fond of ebook versions of anthologies. Not sure why that is, but it just feels better reading an antho on my Kindle.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? 

Thank you! I’m so full of gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to read the book, review it, share it… everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to share these characters with you. And stay tuned! There’s more to come.


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