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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sworn to Conflict (Courtlight #3) by Terah Edun Review

Sworn to Conflict (Courtlight #3)Sworn to Conflict by Terah Edun
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After defeating the Shadow mage from book two, Sworn to Transfer, Ciardis Weathervane touches a silver band that transports her to the war in the North. A combination of depleting her magic and the cold-weather causes her to lose consciousness for three weeks. Luckily, she arrived near the camp of Captain Barnaren, whose medic saw to her health. Faced with war and deceit, Ciardis must decide which side of the confrontation she is on.

Terah Edun does it again, with another enchanting book in the Courlight Series. She has accomplished an impressive task in keeping the series refreshing. Just when you think, you know the characters you find out something new about them. Sworn to Conflict is filled with twists that will keep you guessing.

I am looking forward to the fourth book, Sworn to Secrecy, to be released in 2014.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Expected publication: December 6th 2013
edition language: English
series: Courtlight #3
characters: Ciardis Weathervane

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