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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Learning To Live (Zombie Overload Series) by C. M. Wright eBook Giveaway

Learning To Live 

(Zombie Overload Series)

C. M. Wright

This third book in the Zombie Overload series begins at the same emotional moment that book two ended.

How much more can Canada take - both emotionally and physically? Her body is bruised and abused. Bloody and torn. But her heart is what hurts the most.

Can Jake help ease the pain? Or does he become more of a complication than she can handle?

Again, experience this new world with Canada and her family. Be a part of Canada's life - all the pain, the emotional rollercoasters, and whatever happiness can be found.


The First person to CLICK HERE will receive the free eBook.  In return please follow me at one of the following links:

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